Otodus Megalodon shark tooth Mosaic 89g

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This is a Otodus Megalodon shark tooth Mosaic, meaning that fragments of the tooth were placed together.

Age: Early Miocene-Pliocene (23-3.6mya).

Origin: Hawthorn Formation, South Carolina

It measures on it’s maximum size: 10cm in height, 6cm in width and 1cm in thickness.

A megalodon tooth is a fossilized tooth from the extinct megalodon shark, which was the largest predatory shark to have ever existed. These teeth are massive in size, typically measuring several inches in length, and are characterized by their triangular shape and serrated edges. Megalodon teeth are highly sought after by fossil enthusiasts and collectors due to their rarity, impressive appearance, and their ability to provide insights into the anatomy and behavior of this ancient apex predator.

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