Mobile Gem Mining Sluice for Hire

Event Description

Do you have an event like a birthday, a school function or a trade show and are looking for a fun, educational and affordable activity to engage everyone? Please contact us to discuss your event!

The Katy Rock Shop’s Mobile Sluice experience includes:

  • Mining ore containing rough gems from different regions or countries around the world
  • Water cyclingmining sluice and our sieveshelp you uncover your gems
  • Upto 15 children or 12 adults can mine simultaneously
  • Our friendly and knowledgeablestaff help you identify your new treasures
  • Take home your gems and the mining bag!

For families or small groups It will take a child or adult a few minutes to mine the bag and usually 10to20 minutes to identify the gems with one staff actively helping to organize them into groups and identify. Very often some will stay looking at their treasures for as long as an hour! For groups up to20 expect to take a full hour for everyone to complete their experience. For groups with more than 50 people expect the event to run 2-3 hours. Enjoy your mining experience!

Prices Range: $10-$15(per bag)